Becoming a certified Phlebotomist requires one to two years of training in a classroom setting, or online study, along with hands-on experience in a lab or medical facility. Once training has been completed, students are eligible to take their national certification exam. Study guides and online practice tests are available to help students improve their problem areas and brush up on all phlebotomy basics prior to taking their final exam. Below you can find access to free online practice tests that will prepare you for taking the certification exam and a lifelong career as a phlebotomy technician.

Why Practice Tests are Beneficial

Taking the phlebotomy certification exam is the final step in the training process that will qualify you for a rewarding entry-level medical career. While the hours of classroom study and clinical lab hands-on experience have provided you with all the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam, most students want to ensure that they achieve their best possible score by taking an online practice test. This is the perfect way to find out if there are any areas you are struggling with before you take your exam to ensure the best outcome.

The practice tests provided below are meant to be used as a study guide to help you prepare for your certification exam. While they may contain some content that is sure to be similar to your actual exam questions, these phlebotomy exam questions are not identical to what you will have on your final exam. Therefore these tests should only be used as a study guide to further prepare you to achieve your certification goals.

Prepare for the ASCP Exam with a Free Phlebotomy Practice Test

The ASCP Phlebotomy Practice Test is designed to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their overall knowledge of Phlebotomy basics. The practice test covers topics that will appear on the actual Phlebotomy Technician PBT exam such as knowledge of the circulatory system, processing non-blood specimens, laboratory operations, point-of-care testing, specimen handling, transporting and processing specimen, and specimen collection.

Additional topics that may be included in the practice tests provided on this page are Healthcare Law, Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology and Safety Procedures. You may also be provided with questions that cover hands-on procedures, blood drawing techniques, and how to use specific types of lab equipment.

Access to Phlebotomy practice test and answers is available to anyone who is interested in becoming a certified phlebotomist. Visitors to this website may take the practice test at any time, as often as they like in order to improve their knowledge of phlebotomy terms and techniques. The tests are made up of several multiple choice questions and you will receive your final score after you have completed each test.


Please keep in mind that all phlebotomy practice tests offered through this website should be considered as a helpful study tool. We are not affiliated with any certification agency and the successful completion of these tests does not guarantee that you will pass your certification exam.